Time for You!

Even the title of this section sounded so nice I felt I had to include it here!

Parents who spend quality time together as a couple do a better job raising their children.

It was with great pleasure and in the name of research of course (!) that I dropped the kids of at my parents last Sunday to enjoy a day out with my husband.

Somehow knowing I was going to have the day to myself made me calmer when they acted out in the morning and I was more willing to play with them and forget my chores because I knew I wasn’t going to see them all day.

T and I had a wonderful time and treats we took for granted BC (before children) seemed extra special.

How nice it was to eat grown up food in a real restaurant without having to worry about what the boys might be able to eat. How nice to wander up Marylebone High Street without pushing a buggy (so freeing to be able to dangle my arms by my side and hold a hand bigger than mine). How nice to walk in the Regents Park without lugging a bag full of stale bread for the ducks.

And yes, when we went to pick them up of course they were hyper and difficult but somehow the day T and I had spent together made me more able to deal with them calmly.

Good advice Supernanny, hope my folks will let me try it out again!


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