Supernanny & Calm Authority

Don’t shout and bark commands at your child or let him know you’re pressed for time. Use a calm authoritative voice.

Clearly she’s never met my children for whom time is an abstract concept that doesn’t apply to them.

Getting ready for school is a nightmare I face every morning. I literally lie awake at night trying to work out how I can get them to eat, dress and wash on time and set my alarm for earlier and earlier in the hope of making things run more smoothly- to no avail.

By 8 o’clock my blood pressure’s normally through the roof and I’m lucky if one them isn’t having a full blown tantrum.

Maybe Supernanny’s right and all I need to do is exude calmness and authority- let’s see.

This Morning

(and in fact every morning this week)

I look at the kitchen clock in desperation as Ben chews his mouthful of cereal for the hundredth time without swallowing. Don’t rush him, stay calm- I think.

Ben, darling, we really need to go upstairs and get dressed or we’ll be late for school– I say as sweetly as possibly.

I’m not finished– he says knocking over his glass of juice.

Alright, I’ll take Harry up and get him started– I say through gritted teeth, moping it up.

No, I need to get dressed first– he shouts.

I manage not to say, then hurry up, and instead say calmly but firmly- I’ll meet you up there, come on, Harry.

Cue blue murder.

Fifteen minutes later, Harry’s dressed and Ben’s finally stopped screaming but his breakfast is still on his plate and being the neurotic mother I am, I’m afraid I can’t do what my husband suggests which is to take Ben’s plate away.

In the end we’re late out the door- again, and although I may have stayed calm on the outside I already feel like I’ve been up all week and it’s only 8.15!


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