Positive attention and praise are the most effective rewards for children. They are immediate and reinforce good behaviour on the spot.

Of course being Supernanny, there’s a suggestion in this section about sticker charts and I have to admit I sigh as I clear a space on the wall to accommodate them since my fridge is now completely covered with her lists and schedules.

The kids however are excited and eagerly colour theirs in.

Can I have a sticker for making my chart look so pretty– says Ben.

This is just the beginning. All day the boys ask me for stickers:

I ate all my ice cream, can I have a sticker– says Harry

I played beautifully with my helicopter, can I have a sticker– says Ben

I stroked the dog, can I have a sticker– says Harry

You get the drift? By the end of the day the charts were meaningless. There were tears when I said they couldn’t have a sticker and it became ridiculous because they thought they should be rewarded for every little thing.

I’ve gone back to telling them when they’ve done something well and kissing them for it and frankly they seem quite happy with that and I’ve been able to take one of Supernanny’s charts down.

Everyone’s a winner!


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