Supernanny & Discipline

When your child does something unacceptable, you have to back up your rules with firm and fair control.

Having studied Dr Spock’s approach to discipline during the earlier part of my ‘experiment’ I’m interested to see that Supernanny doesn’t really talk about her philosophy of discipline (which Spock says is about teaching a child the right way to behave). Instead, she seems to dwell much more on the ‘punishment’ side of it.

It’s a very no-nonsense approach and seems to focus on establishing order and control rather than looking at the underlying reasons for bad behaviour and how to address them so the child actually learns WHY what he/she is doing is wrong.

I do however agree with these bits:

-Be consistent, stick to your guns

-Each parent must do the same thing and back each other up

-Act immediately so the child links the punishment to the bad behaviour


2 thoughts on “Supernanny & Discipline

  1. Ahh now this is where supernanny and I don’t agree. I’m all for consistency, but when my son became more tricky at 7, I found that increasing the punishments failed. That’s when I resorted to ‘How to Talk so kids listen’, because he just seemed to be getting angrier and angrier.
    I’ve been summarising it on my blog as you know, just 2 more chapters to do … just need to do as supernanny says and try to get hubby more on board ;o)
    Loving your summaries … what are you going to pick when you have finished this?

  2. I totally agree that simply increasing punishments isn’t the answer, you need to get to the root of the problem of bad behaviour if you’re going to stop it- though that’s often easier said than done!

    Really pleased you’re enjoying the blog! The plan is really to test drive Dr Spock (which I did in the first half of my challenge) and then Supernanny (which I’m doing now) and compare the two to see who can get my little monkeys to behave!

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