The Involvement Technique

Small children need attention. When they don’t get it they play up but you can’t give it to them all the time. The answer is to get them involved in what you’re doing.

Really, Supernanny? Is it honestly going to make my life easier to get Ben and Harry to help me load the dishwasher, take turns pressing buttons of the washing machine, vacuum the carpets? Somehow I don’t see it but this experiment means I have to try anyway.

It’s true that whenever I start doing household chores the kids act up, Harry probably more than Ben to be fair, and I’m sure Supernanny’s right, it’s because I’m not completely focused on him.

Look, I’m washing my clothes too! -he said the other morning after I’d taken my eyes off him for a second while I put on the laundry.

He’d removed his socks and trousers and had climbed onto a kitchen chair to soak them in the washing up bowl.

Who wants to help, Mummy load the dishwasher? –I said the other morning, through gritted teeth, hating Supernanny.

Me!-they chorused.

They had a great time stacking plates and cups while I hovered and guided their hands terrified that any minute I’d look like I was hosting a Greek wedding.

I involved them all day, and everything took five times longer than if I’d done it myself, but they had fun and have even discussed setting up a cleaning business; I’ll be the boss– said Ben.


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