Supernanny’s Avoidance Strategies

If you can head off bad/reckless behaviour before it happens you’ll save yourself unnecessary conflicts

I think as mothers, this is probably something we all do instinctively but as usual, Supernanny forces us to think hard about what we’re doing, and yes, you guessed it, lists are involved!

-Make a list of which times of day are most fractious and see if altering your routine makes a difference.

-Write down which activities are causing most upset and see if there’s a way to break them up.

-Make a note of any toys that tend to cause arguments and put them away for the time being.

I’m running out of room on my fridge and need to buy some more magnets to stick up all these lists, but after a lot of head scratching and cups of tea I’ve managed to make some bullet points about problem times and activities.

Harry always wakes up with a smile on his face (he doesn’t get that from me) but Ben is frankly a nightmare in the morning.

When I sat down with my pen and paper (I really felt like Supernanny had set me homework) I realised that maybe it comes down to a question of blood sugar. Ben normally wakes up around 6ish and is happy to play in his room or read his books before I come into him at 7 to fetch him for breakfast. Could being up for an hour without eating be affecting his behaviour?

Over the last few days I’ve been putting a little pre-breakfast snack of dried fruit in a bowl by his bed for him to eat when he wakes up and I have to say it seems to have made a difference. When I came into his room this morning he was sitting up in bed ‘reading’, Fantastic Mr Fox and chewing a piece of dried mango.

Morning, Mummy– he said smiling- that was a first.

Maybe there’s something to all these lists after all!


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