Supernanny’s Rules

If you don’t tell your kids the rules- they can’t abide by them and if you set impossible rules you’re looking at endless strife– says Supernanny.

Well that makes sense although I’d have thought some things go without saying- like it’s not OK to hurt someone or be rude to me (very important!)

Supernanny thinks otherwise, she says we need to lay out the rules for our children so there’s no question about what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable, and actually Ben’s response the other morning implies she might be onto something.

Mummy, Ben hit me with his bendy bus– said Harry coming into my room crying.

Right, give that to me– I said to Ben, taking his bus and putting it on a shelf out of reach.

That’s not fair; you never said I’d lose it if I hit Harry with it– said Ben.

No doubt he’s grasping at straws but I decided to test Supernanny’s theory.

I sat down with the kids and a pad of paper to write out a set of rules to stick up in the kitchen (Supernanny seems to like things involving lists and fridge magnets).

I asked the boys to tell me what they thought we should write down-

I know, we shouldn’t be allowed to throw each other’s supper in the bath– said Harry helpfully.

We got there in the end, a list of three key household rules we could all agree to stick to:

– No hurting
– No snatching
– No being rude to each other

The boys each signed their names at the bottom to show they’d agreed to them and it all seemed to be going well until Ben smacked Harry for being rude to him when he’d snatched a toy out of his hands.



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