Supernanny & Tantrums

Do you remember the TV ad where a mother has a meltdown in the middle of the supermarket after her kids start kicking off? They stop open mouthed, mid scream as the other shoppers turn to stare.

Sometimes I wish I could give vent to my feelings like that because let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to coax a toddler out of a temper tantrum- and nothing more embarassing than when it’s in public.

But as Supernanny says:

The worst thing you can do is have a tantrum back

And unfortunately she’s right-

Anger will only inflame the situation

She also says forget about trying to reason, instead try these tips:

-Make sure the child can’t hurt himself
-Try holding him firmly; or
-Remove yourself from the room

In Practice

This week Harry set up camp in Strop City so it was a good time to put Supernanny’s tactics to the test.

Holding him tightly didn’t work (I just got very bruised legs) and when I tried removing myself he just followed me from room to room bellowing.

In the end I put him in his bedroom to cool off and every minute or so I went in to ask if he’d calmed down and wanted a cuddle. It took a while but in the end he snuggled on my lap sucking his thumb and my ponytail happily while I sang him the ‘Teapot Song’- though this nearly prompted another outburst when I apparently got the words wrong!


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