Night Time Wanderings

All my good intentions go out the window when I’m woken up at silly o’clock. Strategies I just about manage to stick to during N.D.H. (normal daylight hours) haven’t a chance in the middle of the night and so yes, Dr Spock:

It is silly and quickly destroys a parent’s authority to make threats that aren’t carried out

but maybe at 4am it’s excusable, or maybe it’s not. Here’s what happened this morning- you decide!


Ben keeps a torch by his bed to find his way to the loo in the night. This morning (though not morning by any normal person’s standards) it helped him find his way to me.

I was woken abruptly by him (literally) lifting my eyelid open and shining his torch into my eye.

I’m hungry– he said.

I looked at my bedside clock in horror and ordered him back to bed.

I’m not tired; I want to watch Noddy– said my torturer switching on the television.

The threats started.

Get back to bed now– I said

He ran out whooping, delighted I’m sure, that he’d got a reaction out of me. Our spaniel decided to join in by racing down the stairs in anticipation of her own breakfast and set the burglar alarm off in the process.

Harry woke up.

More threats.

I’m being vague about them because quite frankly I was saying anything that came to mind in a desperate attempt to get the child back to bed. The thing is he he had the upper hand and quickly managed to extract bribes from me instead of the punishment he deserved.

Yes, you can have chocolate milk with marshmallows for breakfast if you go back to your room now.
Yes, go back to bed and we can go out for pizza at lunch. Anything. Just go!

In the end my authority probably was destroyed but I did get a couple of hours more sleep, so maybe it was worth it!


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