The Secret of Firmness

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of firmness in my last few posts and just now I had a real insight into how to make it work.

I’d snuck up to the study to go through my emails and as usual Harry had come to find me just as I was knuckling down to deal with them.

Not now, Harry, I’ll be down in a minute– I said in what I thought was a calm but firm voice, á la Dr Spock.

I’m going to help you– he said emptying all my paperclips out of a drawer onto the floor.

You’re not helping me, go down and play with Daddy, I’ll be there in a minute– I said.

Harry started revving up into tantrum mode and was about to switch off the computer (so much for helping me) when T appeared.

With an assured sense of authority, he scooped Harry up and told him he was going to fly him down the stairs.

When I went to find them ten minutes later they were running round the room with their arms outstretched pretending to be aeroplanes!

Maybe T’s been reading Dr S in secret!


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