Enjoy Your Kids

Having been woken before 5 this morning by Harry, who couldn’t understand why I wanted him to go back to sleep (so much for Sunday morning lie-ins, do you remember those things from our pre-children days?) I wasn’t in much of a mood to try out Dr S’s next piece of advice:

Children need feel enjoyed by their parents

After my third cup of coffee I was just about ready to tackle the pile of washing up waiting for me in the sink, the trouble is my boys weren’t ready for me to.

Is it just me or do you find whenever there’s something you need to do- make a phone call, send an email whatever- that your kids launch into riot mode?

In this case, Ben hit Harry, Harry began screaming, the dog started howling…

OK Dr S, what’s the plan?

The thing with Spock is he gives you the rules but doesn’t give you any real examples about how to implement them.

It’s Up to Me

So here goes, how do I make my kids feel ‘enjoyed’ and still get on with my chores- I wonder.

Harry’s pulling at my pyjama trousers; Ben’s riding his bike around the kitchen and (I’m fairly sure, deliberately) banging into the table and cupboards.

I’m about to threaten- What will Daddy say when he comes down and sees you doing that? -when I remember Dr Spock’s advice and stop myself:

Mothers who aren’t sure of themselves may get into the habit of saying, ‘Wait till your father comes home!’

I will be sure of myself (even on 5 hours sleep) I will enjoy my children.

I must have said this aloud because Ben stops riding his bike for a moment and looks at me as though I’m mad.


Involve them; find a way to give them attention.

Who’d like to help Mummy clean up? Look you can each have your own cloth– I say.
And our own bucket– says Ben, rushing to get one and fill it with soapy water.

For a while they’re quiet. I’m proud of myself, I’m an über mum, I can deal with anything. That is until I turn round from the sink to find Harry scrubbing the dog’s fur with his cloth and Ben rinsing her with bucket water!

Maybe I’ll enjoy them more tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Kids

  1. hey victoria, only just managed to log on to view your recent posts – i gave up trying to police indoor cycling and banned it….

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