So Let’s Start With Dr Spock!

I felt pretty excited as I sat down to read the first chapter of Baby and Childcare last night, are his old words of wisdom what I’ve been searching for? Will they provide the answer? We’ll see!

-He starts off by telling us:

‘you know more than you think you do…don’t take too seriously what the neighbours say’.

He could have been talking directly to me. I always second guess myself and am always in the group of mums at the school gates discussing our toddlers’ behaviour.

-He also says that our kids learn as much from what we do right as well as what we do wrong- that it’s ok to lose our temper sometimes, it shows them that we’re human.

-Tell them they’re making you angry he says; they’ll learn from how you handle it.

Great in theory but does it work?

As usual we were running late for school this morning and Harry refused to get dressed.

I was firm yet calm, as Dr Spock suggests, but the fact is you can’t reason with a three year old, especially one who’s decided he wants to go to school in his pyjamas (the fact that there’s snow on the ground right now did absolutely nothing to dissuade him).

I reasoned, cajoled and even tried to bribe him, but nothing would work.

You’re making me very cross‘, I said- as instructed by Dr S.
You’re making me very cross,’ he said hitting me on the head with a toy train.

We got there in the end, but it involved a lot of shouting on both sides and matters weren’t helped when we got downstairs, finally ready to leave, only to find that Ben was now wearing a Spiderman costume!


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