Dr Spock, Supernanny & Me!

Dr Spock:

Dr Spock revolutionised childcare when he published his book, Baby and Childcare in 1946.

It became so popular that apparently sales were second only to the Bible! So it’s pretty likely that our grandmothers followed his advice when it came to bringing up our mothers- sobering stuff!

Dr Spock was all about trusting your instincts- as parents we know best (if only!)


Supernanny (A.K.A. Jo Frost) is a household name whose book shot to #1 on the NY Times bestseller list when it was first published.

She’s famous for her no-nonsense approach- who hasn’t heard of (and in my case struggled with) her ‘naughty step’?


I’m Victoria, a North London mum of two boys who know how to keep me on my toes- Ben who’s 5 and Harry who’s just turned 3.

And my mission? To find out who’s advice is best, who my children will listen to, because at the moment it certainly isn’t me!


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