The Challenge

Do you remember the Desperate Housewives episode where Lynette, frazzled and exhausted, bumps into an old work colleague as she meanders round the supermarket with her kids in tow?

How are you enjoying motherhood?-the colleague asks.
Best job I’ve ever had– says Lynette through gritted teeth as her toddler pokes a lollipop in her ear.

Truth is, though I’m ashamed to admit it, I totally get what she was feeling. Motherhood for me is one long monologue- or ‘mumalogue’ which neither of my children pays any attention to.

I flit from one piece of expert advice to another, trying to find the magic button that will turn my two monkeys into angels. The trouble is with so much advice out there from people claiming to know best, but actually often contradicting each other, it’s difficult to know which way to turn.

That’s why I’ve set myself a challenge:

To try out two approaches from two different time periods to discover the best way to get my kids to listen to me- and behave.

Over the next three months I’ll be following first the advice of 1940’s legend Dr Spock and then our modern day Mary Poppins, AKA Supernanny.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. I know how you’re feeling and like the concept, but won’t trying them both at once lead to confusion ( all experts agree you need to be consistent – YAWN). Or are you doing 3 months Spock and then 3 months super nanny?

    • I think you’re absolutely right, Jemma consistency is the key. I was planning to spend a month and a half following Dr Spock’s advice and the other month and a half trying out Supernanny’s ideas to see which works best for my kids.

  2. This is v cool! Surprised how many helpful ideas so far for my nearly 3 year old (and would rather read edited highlights from you than actually have to go and read Dr Spock yawn)! GOod luck with the experiment!

  3. I am not a mum (hats off to all of you that are, you have my sincere respect) but I am really enjoying your blog and recognize a lot of what you are saying having been a nanny for years. I am now a maternity nurse and, dare I say it, spectator to a lot of mums who I watch on a daily basis trying their honest best to parent their children successfully and endlessly. I conclude that babies are so much easier because they never test or argue with you so shamelessly I shall stick to being a Maternity Nurse and enjoy it too!

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